Generate income from the up, down, and sideways movements of a stock, ETF, index, or futures.

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Instructors: Krishna Kailas

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Why this course?



Why this course

Do you suffer losses in Futures and options? 

Do You want to bounce back?

Do you want to multiply money fast with Futures and Options?

Mastering Futures Options for Beginners – 

The A to Z guide to futures option trading by nationally recognized futures veterans.

Why 80 % people lose money?

How only 20% people Making Phenomenal profits?

Implementing techniques for cutting losses is what the most of people  failed to grasp.

Don’t let it happen next time for you

This course is based on a 4 rules 

RULE #1: Protect your Capital

RULE # 2: Never forget rule No1

RULE #3: Ride winners.

RULE #4: Test with small bets.

What you Learn:

Basics of Forwards, Futures and Options

Live example of how to place orders in Futures and Options

Understanding Hedging, Speculation and Arbitrage opportunities

F&O Strategies

Mark to Market in Derivatives

How to avoid costly mistakes, done by 90% people.

How to trade securely & and Safely with profit making.

How to get constant benefits from Derivatives

Benefits You get:

This Course provides the tools that will allow you to prosper in many market conditions and enable you to trade options not only on stocks but also on exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stock indexes, and stock index futures:

Course Curriculum

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