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Instructors: Krishna Kailas

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Why this course?



What you Learn

Why people lose money in intraday trading, 

How to avoid costly mistakes, done by 90% people.

Secretes of successful traders who mint money  from stock market

How to trade securely & and Safely with profit making.

How to get constant benefits from stock market.

Discover  exactly how you can take advantage of  stock market to create wealth using only 30 minutes a day.

What are stocks?

What is day trading?

The pros and cons of day trading

Buying vs. short selling

What is technical analysis?

Chart reading basics (chart styles and patterns)

Understanding candlesticks

Level 2 and time & sales

The best chart indicators/studies

What is fundamental analysis?

Controlling emotions (trading psychology)

Managing risk

Placing a trade (order types)


Benefits you get

Discover How Ordinary People Can Achieve Extraordinary results by simply following success formula from wealthy traders.

and learn how to make Rs 5000/- to 50000/- per day with Planned learning + Strategy + Risk Management 

Patterns are easy to identify and comprehend, if one makes a little effort to study them.

Compared to traditional charts, they provide more information regarding the interaction between buyers and sellers during a specific timeframe. The bearish and bullish engulfing patterns can provide a lot of information on market sentiment.

One can identify whether the market is bearish or bullish, with a single glance at the colours and lengths of the candlesticks. Such information might not be readily available in other charts.

They can identify market turning points and also the direction of the trend.

Frequency of signals: 



Course Curriculum

Intraday Trading | Hindi | 1 | What is Trading (5:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 2 | What is Margin Trading_ (5:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 3 | What is Short Selling_ (5:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 4 | What are Upper and Lower Circuits_ (4:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 5 | What is Commodity Trading_ (5:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 6 | What is Stop loss Order_ (13:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 7 | What is Technical Analysis_ (6:00)
Full Course On Technical Analysis
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 8 | What are Candlesticks_ (6:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 9 | What is Intraday Trading (3:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 10 | Why Intraday is Trading is More Rewarding - 1 (8:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 11 | Why Intraday is Trading is More Rewarding - 2 (9:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 12 | Why Intraday is Trading is More Rewarding - 3 (4:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 13 | 7 Golden rules for Intraday Trading A (11:00)
Intraday Trading | Hindi | 14 | Setup Second Candle (13:00)

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