Language: Hindi

Instructors: krishna kailas

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Why this course?


What you Learn

Discover  exactly how you can take advantage of  stock market to create wealth using only 30 minutes a day.

How to turn from speculator to Profitable trader

How to Invest with Confidence and Success

How to avoid costly mistakes, done by 90% people.

How to trade securely & and Safely with profit making.

How to get constant benefits from stock market.

Benefits You get

become Highly profitable Trader

perform multiple time frame analysis

trade support and resistance Profitably

identify market trends and Trend strength

study indicators for profitable trades


“Proper entry and exit can make a lot of difference”

1. Psychology

Helps you to understand the psychology of Investors and Traders regarding the market and gives a clear understanding what you are doing how others are dealing in market

2. Trend Analysis

Get Big profits by Predict the future of the market and make investment and trading 

3. Entry and Exit Points

 The right the time to enter or exit the market is easily predicted with the help of our technical analysis course which enables BEST returns. Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns, Elliot wave theory, Dow Theory & various Indicators are extremely useful for investors and traders to make a good entry and exit from the market.

4. Early Signals

master the art of predicting early signals before the reversal of the trend 

5. Stop Loss and Target

master how to define the Stop Loss and Target for the position taken by investors and traders in the market. and reduce risk of losing money

6. Information

you can become Swing Traders, Intraday Traders, Short Term Traders, and Long-Term Investors. 

Course Curriculum

Technical Analysis | Hindi | 1 | The Basics of Technical Analysis (18:00)
Technical Analysis | Hindi | 2 | Introduction to chart patterns (30:00)
Technical Analysis | Hindi | 3 | Technical indicators (59:00)
Technical Analysis | Hindi | 4 | Technical analysis step by step (12:00)
Technical Analysis | Hindi | 5 | Technical analysis- stop loss theory (15:00)
Technical Analysis | Hindi | 6 | stock selection strategies PART-1 (51:00)
Technical Analysis | Hindi | 7 | stock selection strategies PART-2 (49:00)
Technical Analysis | Hindi | 8 | Case studies of technical analysis (60:00)

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