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Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 : What is fundamental analysis (16:00)
Chapter 2 : Time value of money (12:00)
Chapter 3 : Introduction to fundamental analysis (13:00)
Chapter 4 : Power of compounding (11:00)
Chapter 4.1 : Power of compounding (11:00)
Chapter 5 : Overview of annual reports-EXIDE (23:00)
Chapter 6 : Annual report - finances-EXIDE (24:00)
Chapter 7 : Profit & loss account part 1 -EXICIDE (15:00)
Chapter 8 : Profit & Loss Part-2-EXIDE (17:00)
Chapter 9 : BALANCE SHEET MADE EASY part -1 -EXCIDE (36:00)
Chapter 10 : BALANCE SHEET MADE EASY part 2 - EXIDE (26:00)
Chapter 12 : Financial Ratios part -1 EXIDE (47:00)
Chapter 13 : Financial Ratios part -2 -EXIDE (61:00)
Chapter 14 : Financial Ratios Part-3 -EXIDE (31:00)
Chapter 15 : Due Diligence MOAT - EXIDE (19:00)
Chapter 16 : Equity research-Part -1 -EXIDE (48:00)
Chapter 17 : DCF Primer EXIDE (19:00)
Chapter 18 : Equity research Part 2- FCF EXIDE (36:00)
Chapter 19 : FINAL ANALYSIS -EXIDE (15:00)

Why this course?


Why This Course?
  1. Identify stocks that possess excellent growth and/or value properties.
  2. Helps in taking rational decisions, rather than taking irrational decisions of gut feeling.
  3. Makes you relax and happy investor, no need to monitor daily
  4. To find out multibagger stocks 

What You Will Learn?
Predicting and calculating future price movement

It examines the company ,sector and the economy, thus predicting the future price movements of the stocks. The fundamental analyst works on to calculate the future stock price with help of tools and data

Determining real worth of stock or intrinsic value

It guides in Finding out Company’s real worth or intrinsic value and also helps to decide whether it’s stock is overpriced or underpriced. The fundamental analyst would interested  to buy the particular stock only in the case of the current market price is below its intrinsic value and would sell and come out of the stock when the stock price in market moves extremely higher than the intrinsic value. Hence, fundamental analysis is very important for value investors, who want to create wealth from stock market, in long term.

Evaluation of management with precision tools

Role of management is very crucial to make company successful and to improve profits. Tools of fundamental analysis (full details discussed in course) helps in judging the quality of management.

Determining company’s capacity among peer competition

Just by analyzing single stock is may not be sufficient to achieve your goal. You must also compare particular stock of company with other in competition circle. You must ask question for you self (Questions explained in course) before investing in stock market, whether this company is in strong position to sustain competition in future?

Finding Financial Health of company with analysis

Financial health is like checking of scanning reports of person after conducting lab tests and coming to conclusion. It deals with analyzing financial statement (Explained in course in easy way). Even though management may be good, if finances are bad we can avoid the company, after all investment is not charity

Benefits You Get​​​​
​Master the Art of investment. Know the secrets of Legend investors. Learn Success strategies of proffessinal investors like Warren buffet, Benjamin Graham, Rakesh junjhunwala ete. 

Create your own wealth creation formula with excellent FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS COURSE.

Don’t worry about daily price fluctuations of market.  SLEEP and GROW RICH

Become master in following

  • How to analyse a any company's income and cash flow statements
  • Learn the art of finding red flags of a company's balance sheet
  • Understand how to use different financial ratios.
  • Use fundamental analysis to pinpoint a good stock
  • Watch the value ratios that matter most
  • Move from simply knowing when to buy to knowing what to buy

Topics Covered
1.What is fundamental analysis? & vs Technical analysis
2.Concept of “Time value of Money
3.Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
4.Power of compounding
5.How to Read the Annual Report of a Company
6.The Financial Statements
7.Overview of the financial statements- Profit & loss account part 1
8.Understanding P&L Statement (Part 2)
9.Understanding Balance Sheet Statement (Part 1)
10.Understanding the Balance Sheet Statement (Part 2)
11.The Cash Flow statement
12.The Financial Ratio Analysis (Part 1)
13.The Financial Ratio Analysis (Part 2)
14.The Financial Ratio Analysis (Part 3)
15.The Investment Due Diligence
16.Equity Research (Part 1)
17.DCF Primer
18.Equity Research (Part 2)
20.More about fundamental analysis

What You Get In This Course

Over 52 lessons of on-demand videos, exercises, check lists pdf, word, excel downloads, and interactive content

Lifetime access – facilitates you to learn at your convenient time

This Course Is Useful For

Beginner to intermediate investors looking invest in stock market with perfect Analysis

What We Expect From You
  • Strong desire, to create wealth in stock market.
  • Positive approach to become rich and retire early
  • Passion and Enthusiasm for continuous Learning
  • Committeemen to follow all Lessons (All lessons are important!)
  • Ready to repeat and revise until it gets in 
  • Everyone can Learn to Become Successful in the Stock Market!
  • Who can take this course

Who Can Take This Course?
Long-term investors

Long term investors are ready to hold their positions for long term, irrespective price volatility in market. Only in extreme conditions the exit from that particular stock. Patience is their weapon, always they cross check with their analysis; they avoid the noise of media they are not worried with regular variations of price. They invest in stock not in stock market.

Financial advisors

This is the best profession catching up these days. People from High income group with regular high disposable income are unable to analyse stocks for themselves, Due to lack of time. Here Financial Advisor plays vital role. He helps in guiding the people what to buy, when to buy, when to sell stocks.

Value investors

These are the people like warren buffet, looking for opportunities in the market. Some times good companies with strong fundamentals may be available at rock bottom prices in the stock market, due to mass emotions of retailer investor or due to some incidents. At this juncture these value investors spot these stocks( Explained in our course) which are undervalued with help of fundamental analysis and invest 

Fund managers

These people are responsible of handling huge amounts. They work for the BIG FUND HOUSES (may be insurance, bank or pension funds). They should be very careful while investing pool money of customers, so with team of experts they do in depth fundamental analysis of stock. 

To gain details and in depth knowledge on fundamental analysis you can enroll our FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS COURSE

We would love to know from you that which areas of finance you want to improve yourself and your valuable suggestions . so we request please spare some your valuable time and give feedback or advise in comments section.

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